The entry to the event zone is free during the water polo games .

The swimming area within the event zone is not for the general public and exclusive for the organisers of "Outdoor Water Polo Ghent - Lenssens Cup".

The internal rules of "Outdoor Water Polo Ghent - Lenssens Cup" are applicable within the event zone. Some zones might not be accessible for the general public.

Het openlucht waterpolo event van waterpoloclub ‘De Gentse’ gaat jaarlijks door tijdens het laatste weekend van augustus.

FRIDAY we start at 5e tent gaat open om 17 u. We openen met beachwaterpolo wedstrijden voor recreanten en sluiten de avond af met een ‘Gentse avond’ (einde rond 23 u).

SATERDAY zijn er doorlopend vriendschappelijke wedstrijden van 10 u tot 17 u., om vervolgens een 2de avond in te gaan tot 24 u.

SUNDAY zijn de reguliere wedstrijden van 10 u tot 15 u. Onmiddellijk gevolgd door de finalewedstrijden. De Lenssens Cup eindigt rond 17 u.

An overview of the activities can be found in the heading 'Program'.

  • All water polo players affiliated to a swimming federation.
  • Senior men & women: Lenssens Cup.
  • Youth teams U13 - U15 - U17: friendly games.
  • Occasional and/or mixed teams are allowed.

The games on Saterday and Sunday are taken care by likeable referees.

You are a U13, U15 or U17 water polo girl or boy, and would like to participate to this outdoor water polo event but unfortunately your team is incomplete in order to participate to this water polo party ? No problem !

We will be glad to help you in finding a solution. Sign up (with your friends) and we will look for other passionated water polo players to form a team, making sure you can enjoy this outdoor experience in full.

We will inform you further by mid August.

The board of water polo Ghent (KGZV) makes no concession in its first aid policy.

During the games on Saterdag and Sunday we call on a professional paramedic team with the necessary equipment for a sporting eventandthere are certified lifeguards present during the games.

De EHBO-post op Outdoor Waterpolo Gent is exclusief voor de spelers en bezoekers van dit sportief evenement. 

Our paramedic partner:

We provide in warm & cold soft drinks, lager, Belgian blond & dark beers, sparkling wine, white wine and red wine. On Saterday we have in the afternoon cocktails. Cheers.

You can buy cash coupons at the cash desk. Value: € 10 or € 20. The app for payments works only for Belgian residents.

Be advised that there is no payment terminal in the immediate environment.

The residual value of the cash coupon can be exchanged in cash (euros) at the end of the day at the cash desk.

A water polo party without food & drinks is not much of a party with water polo Ghent ...

So, predominately out of self-interest in combination with a strong portion of gusto the organisers will ensure quality food, accompanied with cool beverages. It goes without saying that we will complete this with healthy and less healthy snacks.

Be advised: pre-registration is needed for the meals on Friday and Saterday evening.

There is a separate tent for all water polo teams. Ladies and gents have a proper entry.

Please do not leave any valuables in the tent ! Outdoor Water Polo Ghent is not responsible for potential theft. Valuables can be stored at the cash desk or with the tournament officials during your game.

With the car

  • The main entrance van Outdoor Waterpolo Gent bevindt zich aan de Yachtlaan 1, 9000 Gent. 
  • GPS / sat nav-coordinates: N 51°02’52” O 03°40’59”
  • From the cities of Brussels or Oostende via de E40: afrit 13 ” Drongen – Gent West”. Rij in de richting van Gent. Over de ringvaartbrug (waterweg), rechts afslaan en volg de borden Blaarmeersen. Volg de Watersportbaan tot aan het rond punt, en volg naar links. Parkeer op de gratis parking.
  • From the cities of Antwerp or Kortrijk via de E17: op de verkeerswisselaar in Zwijnaarde ( afrit 15 ) volgt u de E40 richting Oostende. Neem afrit 13 ” Drongen – Gent West”. Rij in de richting van Gent. Over de ringvaartbrug (waterweg), rechts afslaan en volg de borden Blaarmeersen. Volg de Watersportbaan tot aan het rond punt, en volg naar links. Parkeer op de gratis parking.

With the train (train station Gent Sint-Pieters)

Er is een rechtstreekse busverbinding (ongeveer 10 minuten) van station Gent Sint-Pieters naar de Blaarmeersen (bus 41-43/eindhalte). Stap af na het 1ste rond punt.


Make your reservation via the campsite Blaarmeersen reception. Phone: +32 9 266 81 60. At arrival every person needs to check in with an ID card.

Outdoor Water Polo is not responsible for reservations for persons or groups at the campsite. Any reservation is on individual basis and thus an agreement between the lessee and campsite operator Farys, including internal rules & order of the campsite.

You have different options in overnight stay. More info on

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